Best Fishing Rod


BEST VALUE – G. Loomis Smallmouth Bass Bronzeback Series Casting Rod

This rod is a real pleasure to use. With the dynamic power from the lower and midsection of this rod, you’ll feel total control, even with the biggest of fish on your line. Even better, the tip is extremely responsive, allowing you to feel the lightest nibbles. At just over $200, this is a whole lot of rod for the money


BEST OF THE BEST – Limited-edition Flea Bamboo Fly Rod From KEFishing

For the man who demands nothing but the best, there is this hot little number. If you happen to have an extra $3,500 laying around, this is probably the finest fly fishing rod available. At just 4 ounces the Flea remains a perfect bamboo rod for effortless casting of tiny flies. All the hardware is nickel-silver, including the sliding reel seat band. It come housed in a heavy duty, leather encased aluminum tube for safekeeping.


FOR THE KIDS – Fogo Fishing Bow Rod

When I saw this rod, I immediately thought, “Cool!” Picture all the fun of a bow and arrow combined with a fishing rod. Just pull back, aim, and launch the safety bobber and bait up to 30 feet. It’s great for kids too young to effectively cast, and it is amazingly safe. The safety bobber contains the bait and hook before the cast, only opening when it hits the water. When the line is reeled back in, the bobber closes and contains the hook again. Fun, easy, and only $25.


NEW INNOVATION – MicroMagic rods fromDuckett Fishing


While micro guides are not a new innovation, a production rod featuring them is. Basically, micro guides are much smaller and lighter than the traditional guides found on most casting rods. They average about 4mm in diameter and all the guides on a rod are usually the same size. By comparison, a conventional rod today uses guides that typically decrease from 12mm to 10mm, 8mm, 7mm, and then 6mm to the tip. What does this mean for you? Longer and smoother casts. At only $150, you should treat yourself.

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