Braun Shavers

Electric shavers can stop working efficiently for various reasons, but it is usually something that you can fix on your own without buying more parts and spending money. A Braun shaver is a good-quality, trusted brand name for men’s electric shavers. There are a couple tricks to try to see if you can get yours working again, or working more efficiently.

Charge the Braun shaver completely if it is electric. Sometimes, the battery pack may need to be replaced even if it is charged regularly, such as a cellular phone. Take it into a men’s body shop store to see if they can change it for you.

Replace the foil and cutter every 9 months to keep it sharp and unclogged. Sometimes the mechanisms in these parts can wear down, causing the Braun shaver to work more slowly and less efficiently.

It is important to keep an electric shaver clean to continue getting a smooth shaving experience. Braun makes a wide variety of electric shavers. The Braun 7526 shaver is part of the Braun Series 7 electric shavers. Like many electric razors, the 7526 can be cleaned manually by using the included brush. Proper cleaning should be done at least weekly to keep the blades sharp and the shaver operating optimally.

Turn off the electric razor and locate the release buttons on either side of the blade cover foil. When the foil cover is lifted, turn on the razor for 5 to 10 seconds to free up hairs and debris in the blades. This should be done after each use.

Remove the cover foil when the razor is turned off. Holding down the release buttons while gently pulling will lift up the cover foil and eventually disconnect the cover from the razor.

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